Evart youth football players enjoy week-long camp

EVART — It’s beginning to look a lot like football at Evart High School.

The Wildcat coaching staff concluded a four-day camp on Friday with youngsters from first through eighth grade. Each day featured a two-hour session.

“It’s been basic skills like running with the ball, catching, throwing, blocking, tackling,” Craven said on Friday as the camp was drawing to a close, featuring a game between two sides. “We’ve been teaching basic tackling techniques with dummies. We’ve built up to this all week long. We play a different game every day but (Friday) was the two-hand touch day.”

Other highlights included a ‘garbage can’ game.

“There’s two garbage cans on each side of the field, they have to pass the ball forward,” Craven said. “It’s like rugby. They have to get the ball in the can.”

Craven remembers having done a youth camp about seven years ago.

“We did it in the evening and at the time, I was a rookie, and it conflicted with Little League baseball and I didn’t realize that at the time,” Craven said. “So our numbers were pretty low.”

The coaching staff decided to give it a shot this season and had 18 youngsters.

“It’s been a success,” Craven said. “We’ll be looking to grow it some more next year and give the kids of our community a good week of football training.”

A couple players in the seventh and eighth grade play Rocket football. Pop Warner football in the area is basically third grade through sixth grade.

The weather turned out to be satisfactory during the camp.

“It’s been a little muggy but we take frequent water breaks and give them plenty of time,” Craven said, adding that they were able to avoid rainstorms. “We’ve been pretty lucky.”

Among the participants was Dominic Maddern.

“At the end, we played games,” he said, adding that he enjoyed running and learned “a lot.”

Craven told the players they would come running out with the players to open the first game of the season at the football field.