Evart youngster enjoys youth hunt

EVART — Tanner Ryan is one hunter who will never forget the youth season last month.

Ryan, 12, bagged his deer on Sunday, Sept 22 while hunting north of Evart. He used a Ruger 44 and one shot. He said it was the fourth deer shot in his lifetime.

Ryan recalled that he was hunting Saturday morning, saw three does and passed them up because he was hoping for a buck. He went out again Saturday night be didn’t see anything.

“But I was OK with that because I got to spend time with my dad in the woods,” he said. “I was back up bright and early Sunday morning  to hit the woods again with my dad and again we saw nothing. This really surprised me, because we are seeing lots of buck signs on the property.”

They decided to head back out Sunday afternoon and were going to sit on both ends of the property. He was at the east end and saw something. Early evening, they went to the west end.

“A doe came out and tried to figure out what we were,” Ryan said. “My dad said to watch her because she could not figure us out. He said she would circle around behind us and she did. Then she started snorting. So this was kind of cool, because I have never seen or heard a deer snort before.”

Then three does and fawns came out, but Ryan was still waiting for a buck.

“After sitting for a while, we decided to leave the woods and check the field for deer,” he said. “When we got out to the field, there were six deer out there. Dad said it was up to me if I wanted to shoot, because there were no bucks in the crowd. I decided I wanted to shoot a doe.”

They crawled about 75 yards to stalk the deer and the deer were now about 130 yards away.

“My dad told me where to aim based on the distance which was about at the top of the deer’s back,” Ryan said. “I pulled up and got my target in my sights and fired. Down she went. We then went to claim my prize. It was so awesome, I shot a nice deer and got to spend the weekend with my dad in the woods.”