Evart youngster bags buck during youth hunt

Par Craven (left) and his son show the 8-point buck.
Par Craven (left) and his son show the 8-point buck.

EVART — The state’s youth hunt was on Saturday and Sunday, (Sept. 22-23) and among the persons taking advantage was Jaxon Craven, the son of Evart football coach Pat Craven.

He bagged an eight-pointer south of Hawkins.

“We hunted hard all weekend,” Pat Craven said. “We got home Friday night and got about four hours of sleep. Then we got up and hunted Saturday morning. Then we went and played two Pop Warner football games. We came back and hunted Saturday night and Sunday morning. Dad went to the football coaches meeting for four hours then came back Sunday night.”

That’s when the Cravens struck paydirt with a 170-yard shot.

“We shot it right before dark,” Craven said. “We were watching a bunch of deer. I had both of my sons with me. My youngest son was scoping the hillside and saw it walk out of the woods into the fields about 170 yards away. We got my oldest son to take the shot and he knocked it down.”

It’s the second year Jaxon, 11, has hunted and was his first deer.

“He’s pretty excited,” Pat Craven said.