EVART – Ben Bryant and his Evart wrestling team was in the Wildcat weight room on Wednesday working on conditioning and waiting for the green light to start contact.

The green light came on Thursday and contact action will start this week.

“We have 17 that have come out this year,” Bryant said on Wednesday, noting there’s no weight room in the wrestling space on the Evart wrestling area. “So right now, we’re focusing on strength and conditioning and doing a little bit of drilling.

“The drilling is all individual so there isn’t much wrestling.”

Contact action starts on Monday. It’s obviously a needed component for wrestlers to have a solid practice session.

“You can do only so much with the ghost man,” Bryant said. “They’re super excited for something to happen. Our senior guys are excited to get back at it. We have five seniors.”

During the offseason, not much wrestling was able to take place with all the shutdowns.

“We haven’t been able to roll out our mats since March of last year,” Bryant said. “That makes a big difference. Most of our guys play a fall sport. Most of them are involved in football or cross country. That has kept them in decent shape.”

The younger levels such as elementary and middle school haven’t been able to do any wrestling so far, Bryant noted.

“Even if we can get a short season in it’s better than not having one at all,” Bryant said. “I definitely want to see a season but I would hate to see it interfere with spring sports since they cut that out last year. A lot of our guys are three-sport athletes. They want to get in their spring sport in, too.”