EVART — Summer can be a busy time for three-sport athletes like Evart junior Carter Pritchard.

All sports have something going on during the summer, which is keeping Pritchard very busy. He's the starting quarterback at Evart, which has passing camps and various scrimmages on the summer schedule. He's a starter for the basketball team which is also playing summer scrimmages. Prirchard is a key returner for the baseball team which has begun competition in the Mount Pleasant Colt League.

Pritchard is coming off his first varsity baseball season with the Wildcats struggling below .500 overall.

"We did all right," he said. "In the conference, we were 8-4. I thought we played pretty tough."

Pritchard plays shortstop. He was moved to the varsity late in his freshman season. This was his first full varsity season.

"Once we started playing games and we got used to it, I thought I was doing pretty well," he said. "'(At shortstop) I think I have good range and I field the ball pretty well."

When it came to offense, "I hit for contact pretty well," Pritchard said.

He's hopeful the baseball program can use the summer games wisely.

"We just need to get better," he said. "We are playing a lot of competition. We just have to come here and play better. We feel confident going into the next couple of years. We only graduated two seniors."

Evart is in a summer basketball league organized by Reed City. The football team has been having throwing sessions on Sundays. This is especially important for a quarterback like Pritchard, who is expecting summer football to especially pick up within a couple of weeks.

It's critical, Pritchard said, to put in summer work for all three sports.

"I try to get to everything I can," he said.

But Pritchard admitted it isn't easy. By late July, football will start to dominate all of his sports activities.