EVART — Jeff Junker has lived in Evart for 52 years and as long as he can remember, he’s always loved his hunting.

His family moved to the area when he was 2. He was born in Detroit. He’s going into his 30th year as a teacher in Evart as an elementary grade and art teacher. Last year, he taught third grade and this year it will be fourth grade.

Junker is a diversified outdoorsman but admits he probably enjoys teaching most.

“I used to do quite a bit of fly fishing,” he said. “That what I really liked. My son likes to fish so I do more pan fishing now with him. I like fly fishing because it’s a lot like hunting, You walk a lot, you move around.

“I used to do more bird hunting than anything else,” he added. “When my Brittany died, I got into bow hunting more. Last year, I hunted with a recurve for the first time. I switched from a compound to a recurve. I tried crossbows, then went back to my recurve. That’s my passion now.“

Deer hunting isn’t quite what it once as, Junker said.

“I haven’t see as many deer, but I think they’re stable now,” he said. “We reduced the deer population.”

Junker shot a doe with a recurve last year

“That’s been an interesting experience. It’s a leap of faith, very little technology,” he said, while predicting a strong bow season starting Oct. 1. “This year there are apples, last year there weren’t. I hunt a lot of apple trees. I don’t bait. But I try to hunt apple trees. In early fall there are a lot of apples. I haven’t seen that many big bucks.”

Junker has slowed down on his bird hunting activity.

Junker recalls in the seventh grade when Andy Duffy invited him to go rabbit hunting.

“That was pretty much how it started,” Junker said. “I started hunting with Andy. We rabbit hunted and bird hunted. My uncle gave my dad and I a couple of bows.”

Junker remains passionate about his bow hunting. In the future, his desire would be to bow hunt elk and bear.