Evart teacher, coach stays busy with the outdoors

EVART – Josh Johnson is one busy guy.

Johnson teaches full-time at Evart High School. He currently is Evart’s junior varsity basketball coach and in the spring will coach the varsity softball team.

But somehow, someway Johnson also finds time to get in a full-load of hunting and fishing.

“I’ve had a decent season,” he said. “I got a buck with my bow. I just got another deer, a doe, with my muzzleloader.”

Johnson for two seasons has his own 40 acres of property.

“I’ve seen a lot of deer this year,” Johnson said, adding that the key for private landowners is proper deer management.

A life-long hunter, Johnson has bagged a 10-point buck in 1994. “After that, I got an 8-point that wasn’t as big but had the high rack,” he said.

Johnson is usually an avid deer hunter for the bow, firearm and muzzleload deer seasons. He plans on bow hunting through the end of this month.

A native of Osceola County, Johnson grew up in a family that loved to hunt. “I have four brothers and that’s all we did,” he said. “I love to do rabbit hunting in the winter. I don’t do a lot of bird hunting. I do a little bit of bunny hunting, some small game.”

During deer season, Johnson takes a break from fishing.

“When we get ice I’ll be ice fishing (especially for pan fish),” he said. “In the spring I’ll fish the rivers quite often for steelhead.”

Johnson is optimistic that it will be a productive ice fishing season, once it gets cold enough for the ice to form. The season is obviously off to a slow start since the weather has been unseasonably warm this time of year. But when the ice forms, Johnson will be out there.

He’s also busy fishing in area rivers and streams during the warmer seasons.

His schedule is hectic but Johnson remains committed to fulfilling his love for the outdoors.

“I make sure I take the time,” he said.