Evart superintendent continues duties with athletic department

EVART -- This marks the second sports season that Evart superintendent Howard Hyde has been involved in athletic department administration work stemming mainly from cutbacks in that area that have not been reinstated.

In the summer of 2011, after cuts were made, including the elimination of the athletic director’s position, Hyde took on the duties, while also continuing as superintendent.

During the school year, Randy Kruse, who had been athletic director, was brought back to perform duties on a limited schedule. That situation has carried over into the 2012-13 season.

“I’m trying to get game workers, myself and other people to cover the ballgames as manager,” Hyde said. “I’m kind of in charge of the pay to participate, collecting the money for that.

“Randy does the scheduling and gets the officials, the league (Highland Conference) also gets the officials. He does the paperwork.”

The work of securing coaches is “a combination of Randy and I together in making a recommendation to the board,” Hyde said. “We do that together. I probably do most of the evaluations and Randy will have input.”

Kruse, Hyde noted, isn’t normally participating in game duties and may not be doing as much as he had before the AD’s position was cut in 2011 “but he still does a lot. The biggest relief for him is he does not have to go to any of the games.”

“The main difference is I don’t do any game managing or set up volunteers for the game or things of that nature,” Kruse said. “I’m usually here each day about 7:30 in the morning and am here 11:30 or noon. Anything after that goes to Howard.”

Despite the cutbacks, the duties in running the athletic department are getting done, Hyde indicated.

“It’s something financially we had to do. We’re making it work,” he said. “It’s not easy but it’s been working out so far. If finances would improve, we would look at making it more full time, and would do something different than what we’re doing now.”

Hyde said the building principals are helping in covering games.

“They will probably at this point this year have input in evaluation and hirings of the coaches,” Hyde said.

The current process “is working the best it can, I suppose, with different people,” Kruse said. “It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s what it is with the financial situation.”