EVART-- It's been relatively quiet in the hunting and fishing ranks in recent weeks for Evart's Mark Sochocki.

"I hope that's going to change coming up here in November," he said. "I'm going to take a trip, maybe out to Nebraska and one at an island in Canada. I haven't even deer hunted yet."

The Nebraska trip will be for pheasant hunting.

"We've done pretty well there," he said. "That island is on Lake Erie where they put on a big pheasant hunt every year. I haven't been there in 20 years. It's kind of fun. I'm taking one of my old baseball coaches from Caro. He used to go there too."

Sochocki, who is executive director of the Big Rapids Housing Commission, hasn't been entirely quiet on the fishing front.

"We've done a little perch fishing at Saginaw Bay," he said. "We've been there three times and have done fairly well each time. That was probably two or three weeks ago."