Evart sophomore wrestler ready to make his debut


EVART — High school wrestling has arrived at Evart and Roman Tiedt couldn’t be happier.

He’s among the members of the Evart wrestling club, which will be making its debut this Saturday at the Big Rapids Invitational.

He’s a sophomore and is figuring out what weight class he might be at for coach Ryan Hopkins’ team. But the coaching staff is high on Tiedt’s potential.

His previous experience consists basically of wrestling on his own. His involvement in football gave Tiedt incentive to join the wrestling program.

Last week, the Evart wrestlers competed the third week of practice. The sessions have involved intense training.

“It’s going pretty good,” Tiedt said. “It hurts a lot worse than football.”

Evart wrestles Dec. 17 at Pine River.

Having actual matches will get the Evart wrestlers where they need to be Tiedt indicated. He’s hoping to enjoy as many wins as possible and be a key wrestler for his team.

Takedowns and escapes will be among his strengths, Tiedt indicated.

When he makes his debut this weekend, “I’ll be nervous,” Tiedt said, “especially when there’s a lot of people watching.”

What’s he looking forward to the most about wrestling?

“Winning,” Tiedt added with a smile.