Evart sophomore set to be spark for softball team

EVART — Taylor Rushing, a sophomore, is looking forward to playing right field this season for the Evart Wildcats.

But Rushing can show her versatility by playing other positions such as third base, shortstop and catcher.

At right field, “I know how to get to the ball really fast and I’m accurate at catching,” Rushing said. “I can dive for the ball and I can make good throws to where they need to be.”

Catching might be a position she sees action at. It’s a spot Rushing has been in for a few years.

She has a sister, Shayna, a senior catcher, on the team.

“When we lived in Tennessee, we played two years down there,” Taylor said. “Last year, too. This will be our fourth year of playing together.”

As a hitter, “I think I’ve improved a lot and I’ll be able to hit pretty much anything that comes at me,” Rushing said.

It’s her second varsity season.

“We’ve been practicing outside like in the parking lot,” Rushing said. “From what we’ve been doing out there, we’ve improved quite a bit. The fundamentals, even inside, help a lot because it drills them.

“We’ve been catching and throwing really well. We’re getting good at pop flies.’”

Tis marks Evart’s second full week of softball action.

“We need to work as hard as we can and not let the score get in the way,” Rushing said.