EVART — McKenzie Kimball is like a lot of girl athletes, who are now making the transition from volleyball to basketball.

Kimball, an Evart sophomore, recently completed her second season for the Wildcats in a district loss to White Cloud.

“Our passing could have been better,” she said. ‘It was good. We didn’t really know how they played coming in, so I think we had to adjust a little bit. We got better in the second to third game.’

Kimball indicated it was impressive considering how much progress her team made from August through November in everything.

Kimball was a setter for Evart. She’s looking forward to two more years of Wildcat volleyball.

“Just getting to know the girls on your team helps,” she said. “Team unity is a big thing for us.”

Basketball practices started Nov. 7 and the Wildcats are in their third week of workouts. The season opened at home on Nov. 29 against Farwell.

Kimball indicated she’s been able to handle the transition from volleyball to basketball effectively.