Evart sophomore reflects on strong season in competitive cheer

EVART —  Erin Flowers completed her sophomore season for Evart’s competitive cheer team and saw plenty of improvement from her freshman year.

“It’s still a lot of hard work,” she said. “I got my round-off tucks this year practicing from last year.”

Flowers indicated the team’s best round has been No. 3 which emphasizes stunts and mounts.

“We’ve done pretty good in round 1 and round 2,” she said. “With having changed round 3 so much, we’ve done pretty good in that.”

It’s a different team for Flowers this season.

“We had a lot of new girls this season,” she said. “We only had five girls last year, but had 10 this year. It’s been a big improvement.”

Flowers indicated it took a few weeks for all the girls on the team to feel comfortable with each other.

Finishing first at Marion was among the team highlights for the Wildcats.

“In those meets, we had a lot of fun, too,” Flowers said. “It wasn’t like we just did good, but we had a lot of fun.”

Flowers was in tumbling and stunts, mostly tumbling, for her team.

“You have to give it all you’ve got,” she said.

Flowers and her teammates have usually been busy during the summer.

“They’re usually on Thursdays,” she said. “One day during the week, we have camps where you can come in and work on skills for a few hours.”

The goal for every meet during the season was “that we improve in all of our rounds,” Flowers said. “We want to get the best score we’ve ever got.”

Round 3, which features stunts and mounts, was the most challenging during the season for the Wildcats.

“We’ve had to change it so much,” Flowers said, adding that the other two rounds “have been steady.”

Flowers did track last season but, right now, is focusing on cheerleading.

“I really enjoy tumbling and stunts,” she said. “I feel you get closer to the girls in cheer than you do in other sports.”