Evart sophomore looking to continue his scoring touch

Danny Griffin
Danny Griffin

EVART — Danny Griffin is among the younger faces on the Evart roster, who is trying to help the Wildcats be a major force this season.

Griffin is a sophomore in his first varsity season for Evart. He recalls that coach Kris Morgan had talked to him and other sophomores during the summer about moving up to the varsity level. He got confirmation in the fall that he would be playing varsity.

“I was pretty excited about it,” Griffin said. “It will be good for me my first year.”

Griffin also made the adjustment playing as a sophomore on the varsity football team. He indicated basketball is perhaps a tougher sport to make that type of transition.

“(Basketball) is faster,” Griffin, who said it will still take awhile to make a full transition. But he has had some solid performances, including in the scoring area for Evart.

“We have to be quick because we’re not that big this year,” Griffin said, adding that his personal role is to perform “a little bit of everything... score and get some assists.”

He’s been satisfied with his scoring and feels comfortable shooting from the 3-point area. He’s looking to shoot 40 percent in triples, adding that the key to having a good percentage is “don’t force it. I need a little bit of work.”

He’s been breaking the 20-point mark in recent games. During the holiday break “we’ve been running a lot,” he said. “We’ll be a running team.”

Playing disciplined defense without fouling out and cutting down on turnovers are two critical keys for Evart, Griffin indicated.

Evart is home Friday with McBain NMC. Griffin made it clear what his team’s goals are for the season

“I want to have a winning record,” he said.