Evart sophomore encourage with competitive cheer team’s performance

EVART — Dana Vore likes Evart’s potential in competitive cheer this season.

The Wildcats were third in their division at a home invitational earlier this month.

“We did great,” Vore, a sophomore, said. “We gave it our all and we just tried our best.”

She indicated Round 3, which involves mounts and stunts, was Evart’s best round in the home meet.

“We gave it our all and did pretty good,” she said.

It was only Evart’s second meet of the season.

“We improved greatly,” Vore said. “In every single round, our scores went up.”

It’s Vore’s first season in competitive cheer.

“The most challenging thing would be getting the timing of stunts going good,” she said. “The most fun is we all work as a team really well and we all bond. We need to work as a team and try our best, even when times get hard.”

Vore is a flyer, and said the key in being effective in that position “is always staying tight. In my opinion I’ve done pretty well. I’ve improved greatly.”

Vore said she wants to improve on “locking out. Sometimes my one leg doesn’t like to lock.”

Evart is at Marion on Wednesday and at Harrison Saturday.

“We want to keep improving our points,” Vore said, “and hopefully get first or second at district.”