Evart softball team getting ready for home games

EVART — Evart’s softball team has some key home dates this week. The Wildcats are home Thursday against Marion in Highland Conference action. They host the Cat Classic on Saturday.

The next road game is Monday at McBain.

Evart lost a home doubleheader May 3 to Lake City. The opener was 34-21.

“The score pretty much tells the story, errors, errors errors,” Evart coach Jeff Bressler said. “Not much for defense for either side in this one. Ashley Hopkins had a pretty decent game in the circle, Syd Sanders did a great job behind the plate.

“Several Evart players struggled defensively.”

Lake City won the second game 11-0.

“We made a couple of adjustments and played much better defensively in game 2,” Bressler said. “Our hitting was pretty good, everybody had multiple hits. Cyana Dellar cranked one to the fence for a two-run double.

“As usual Loraine Foster had a really good night offensively and defensively. Sometimes you can almost overlook that because you just expect it from her as normal. She is doing a great job as a player and is a captain for her team. 

“Rachel Martin, team co-captain, has taken over the shortstop position and is putting a tremendous effort in at that position,” Bressler added. “She is always very productive offensively as well. Team co-captain Danielle Conklin did a great job behind the plate in game 2 and had plenty of hits driving in several runs.”