Evart softball freshman ready for summer competition

Evart's Lillie Gallinger is hoping to play some summer softball. (Courtesy photo)

Evart's Lillie Gallinger is hoping to play some summer softball. (Courtesy photo)

EVART - Lillie Gallinger is ready for some softball.

The Evart freshman lost her first year of varsity softball because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it looks like she will have a summer of softball with the Michigan Expos summer team.

Gallinger started playing softball in third grade and hasn't missed a season yet. She's been playing with the Expos a few years and has played various positions including outfield and infield.

As an outfielder "my strength out there is running, I'm pretty fast," she said, adding second base might be her best infield position.

Gallinger's hitting has seen some slumps but she usually has been in the high .200s.

"Waiting on the ball more," Gallinger said, is a key for shaking out of a slump. "I'm really quick to the ball."

Gallinger had spent a considerable amount of time in the offseason getting ready for 2020 spring high school softball.

"I had spent a lot of time in the cage with my coach (Amanda Brown) and I do a lot of hitting with my dad," she said. "I have a lot of stuff at my house I can do."

The spring season was canceled on April 3 but Gallinger continued to work at home to get ready for her next chance at softball.

"I was pretty upset because I had been working, and making the varsity as a freshman was a pretty big deal for me," she said, of the season cancellation. "I can't imagine how it would feel for the seniors. "I really had high hopes for the season. I thought we might be successful this season."

Gallinger's Expos coach, Kevin Brigham, has said the summer season is ready to start.

Gallinger has done other sports in the past but last year only did volleyball and softball. She's usually a setter in volleyball. She was on the JV level last year and her level for 2020 has yet to be determined.