EVART -- Seniors like Ricky Miller and Anthony Marchewka are hopeful of playing key roles for the Evart Wildcats in their drive for a productive season on the gridiron.

Miller is playing fullback for the Wildcats and starts on offense.

“I’ve improved a lot by stepping up and practicing more than what I did (last season),” Miller said. “My role is to break through the first tackle and see how far I can get before I get hit by the second guy.”

Miller has been optimistic with the effectiveness of Evart’s backfield so far.

“Our running backs are very different,” he said. “We have some power backs, we have some speed.”

The Wildcats are 2-1.

“We need to work how we know we can,” Miller said. “We need to step up and be what we can be.”

Anthony Marchewka is a senior defensive lineman for the Wildcats in his second varsity season.

“Obviously we had to break through the guard and get after the guy with the ball,” Marchewka said. “Compared to last year, I think I’m playing 100 percent better.”

The defense “is playing great,” he said. “We can always get faster off the ball.”

Evart is at home Friday againt Marion.

“I feel we can go all the way and win a championship this year,” Marchewka said.