Evart seniors anxious for successful season

EVART — Evart Wildcat seniors like Larry VanBuren and Tre Dyer have started off their season with a 1-0 record and are hopeful of having more success Friday night when they open their home schedule against Harrison.

VanBuren was confident going into the season opener against Suttons Bay following 2 1/2 weeks of practice.

‘‘It’s been going pretty good,” he said. “We have some work to good, but we’re making progress.”

VanBuren is a starting middle linebacker and offensive guard for Evart. On defense, he’s a quarterback of sorts.

On defense “we’re looking strong,” VanBuren said. “We’re quick and physical. “

VanBuren enjoys quickness and the linebacker position and has been able to read plays effectively. The Wildcats lost key players from last season but Van Buren noted that new faces will be able to fill the gap.

Dyer is starting at left tackle and also fills in at defensive tackle. He’s excited about his chance to start this season.

On offense, “I can sustain my block for as long as the quarterback can get the pass off.”

When he plays defensively, Dyer hopes to use his size to help the Wildcats.

“We have some key guys coming back and some good young players stepping up,” Dyer said.

Last season, Evart was 8-3 and went to the playoffs.

“We want to do the same, if not better, and go farther (in the playoffs).” Dyer said.