Evart senior set to help Wildcats as hitter

EVART — Loraine Foster is among the seniors for the Evart volleyball team trying to direct the Wildcats on the winning path this season.

Early in the season, the Wildcats had an impressive second game against Farwell, which Foster noted was how her team needed to play all season.

“We talked together, we worked as one not as a whole bunch of different people,” Foster said.

But Foster sees where progress is being made. It’s a matter of getting more experience. The Wildcats started in mid-August shortly after new coach Katie Nostrant was named to the position.

Foster is playing a unique role for the team.

“I’m hitting on the right side, but I’m also defense and back row on the right side as well,” she said, adding that is the same as 2014. “I’ve probably gotten better on my serves a little bit. On defense, I’m on my feet and ready to go.”

The emphasis on her serves has been “being able to place it a little bit better,” Foster said, adding that she wants to improve on her passing.

As a team, the Wildcats need to work “on a little bit of everything,” Foster said.