Evart senior runner enjoys busy summer

EVART — Josh Woods isn’t taking anything for granted.

The Evart senior cross country runner has been working out with other individuals this summer to get ready for the fall season. He was at a community workout with all runners on Tuesday.

“In terms of running, I’ve been doing 30 to 40 miles a week,” he said. “That’s been my summer training and running with my younger brother (Nathan). We’re both getting ready for the season. I’ll probably run a few more miles compared to last summer. There’s a couple of weeks I took off last summer and I’m avoiding that this year.”

Woods said he and his teammates follow a schedule developed by Ken Willems, a former girls track coach.

“He wrote a book about it and we use his schedule for our running,” Woods said. “He’s a very good authority. He’s coached many places.”

Woods has been trying to avoid hot humid weather for running.

“I usually get up around 7 to run,” he said. “That  helps a lot. It’s usually a lot cooler in the morning. It’s rough to run in 80 degree weather. So we run in the evenings or mornings. No matter what, we run.”

Practices for the season officially open on Aug. 10. Woods is expected to take over the No. 1 spot from defending Division 4 state champion Santana Scott, who has graduated.

Running together during the summer with others “makes it easier to keep motivation. It’s a lot of fun to encourage my teammates to keep running. I have a lot of motivation to run this summer, but not everyone does.”