Evart senior reflects on his first football season

EVART — It’s that time of year when fall sports teams have wrapped things up and continue to reminisce with banquets or other post-season activities.

Evart’s football program said farewell to two of its seniors, including Ryan Alright, who played offensive and defensive tackle. He came out for his first season at the urging of one of his teammates, Dillon Danley.

“It was to try something new,” he said. “It’s a more difficult sport. I like contact. There’s more to do. I like the challenge.”

Albright is also in track. Football,via its weight lifting and other conditioning activities, gets him ready for the throws in track, Albright indicated. He’s looking forward to scoring points in the spring season.

In the fall, Evart won its last two games and finished 4-5.

“We’re working hard,” Albright said late in the season. “We wanted to go out with wins. We want to regroup.”

They did that with wins over Tri-Unity Christian and Baldwin to end the season.

A major highlight was a win over perennial power Beal City midway during the season.

“We stayed focused and there was lots of teamwork,” he said. “We kept pushing. We just wanted that win. We needed to keep having that hunger.”

As lineman, Albright’s role was to “break through, or hold the gap and make sure the linebackers break through,” he said.