Evart senior looking to help team have more success


EVART  — Sabrina McKay is looking to make key contributions for the Evart girls basketball team this season.

McKay, a senior didn’t play basketball last season but had played in previous seasons.

“I took a year off,” she said. “But I missed it.”

McKay, a volleyball player, attended preseason practices for basketball.

“I don’t think it was too long,” she said of the transition to get into basketball. “It took a couple of days into practice. For me, I think it’s normal. Our volleyball coach had us run a lot.”

The Wildcats have struggled to score but did have 46 points last week in a loss to McBain Northern Christian.

“I think we’re starting to come in as a team and coming together,” McKay said.

McKay has been playing at post.

“I can do better than I am,” she said. “That comes with the whole team being a team.”

There are 10 girls on the team which McKay noted allows the Wildcats to use more players. In contrast, her volleyball team usually only had one or two reserves.

“Focus in practice are arrangement on the court and our plays,” McKay said, adding that the team especially is looking to improve on post work and passes. “Myself, I’m trying to improve on my looks to the basket when I’m on the block.”