Evart senior confident of successful softball season

EVART — Sabrina McKay is out for her varsity softball season with hopes of helping the Evart Wildcats enjoy plenty of success.

McKay has been playing softball her third varsity season. She’s looking to play shortstop this season and perhaps hold down some other infield positions.

Last season “they were a little rough,” McKay said, noting it was a young team. But she saw improvement in her own play for the previous season.

“I’m a well-rounded fielder,” she said. “My hitting is a little on the sluggish side. This year, a new technique has been put in and I really like it. It’s just a little more comfortable (stance).”

McKay enjoys being “active” at shortstop.

With that in mind, McKay hopes to enjoy improvement in her hitting.

“I hope to make a few home runs this year,” she said.

McKay indicated she’s capable of being either a power or contact hitter.

Practices started March 10 and the weather has been keeping the Wildcats indoors. They had a game scheduled for March 19, but it was unlikely that contest would be played.

“It’s hard, you can’t get the feel of the ground until the snow comes off it,” she said. “We’re getting the younger girls used to it.”

Evart should have more experience this season and under new coach Jeff Bressler, McKay is confident the Wildcats can pick up more wins. They’ll be competing in the Highland Conference.

“Having fun and being a team,” will be the key in having success, McKay added.