Evart’s volleyball squad set for conference schedule

Saige Nabozny
Saige Nabozny

EVART – Evart’s volleyball team is entering the Highland Conference portion of its schedule and key players on the team are confident of posting an impressive degree of success as the season progresses.

“I think we’re starting to click now,” said senior Saige Nabozny. “We are really young. We do have the potential to do better and work as a team. We are getting our serves in now.”

A five-game loss to Montabella recently may have been one of her team’s better performances of the season, Nabozny acknowledged.

“We’re working together and we just came up short,” she said. “If we would have had a couple of more points we would have pulled out the win. We just came up short.”

The Highland Conference matches “will be tough. We’ll be facing McBain and Beal City. Pine River will be tough too.”

Nabozny has been a hitter.

“I’m doing better at home than away games,” she said. “We’re all getting used to (road games).”

“We were all working together well and talking well,” senior Lydia Wetters said of a recent match. “We didn’t end up winning but it was a fun match. I was very happy about that. We have improved a ton. The first day of practice, I remember looking at all the youngsters and saying it was going to be a lot of work. But they’ve come to practice with the attitude of we’re going to work and get this done.

“In every area, we’re so much stronger. It’s been great.”

Wetters, a setter, said keeping individual attitudes up will be a key.

“The younger ones like the ball different,” she said. “They’re a variety of hitters. We have some that show a ton of promise. They’re developing their timing and technique.”

Kirsten Parsons has also been among the team’s top hitters.

Getting a win “is very important. We need to keep our confidence up,” she said. “We have to keep talking like we were and be confident with our hitting. We have the skills. But we lack confidence.”

Parsons added that she has been working on her serves.