Evart’s junior wrestler making more progress

EVART — Roman Tiedt is a junior wrestling at 160 pounds in the Evart wrestling program. He’s won three matches so far.

Tiedt wrestled last season and said he’s made “a lot” of progress in the sport.

“I’m stronger and I can put things together now,” he said. “Before, I was hesitating.”

Tiedt said he’s strong at the bundle moves and reversing the head and arms.

His quickest win occurred in 30 seconds this season.

“He went to do a head and arm, and I reversed it, and put him right on his back,” Tiedt said. “I need to sprawl better.”

Tiedt hopes to win an individual tournament before the season ends.

The Wildcats, in their second year of varsity wrestling, have around eight people, but Tiedt indicated the team was still able to put in some quality practices.

Last season was Tiedt’s first in the sport, but he’s been able to wrestle with more confidence this year.

“I have to wrestle some bigger people,” he said. “Last match I wrestled at 171 and beat him.”

Tiedt also plays football and agreed that both sports complement each other.

“I originally did (wrestling) to practice for football,” he said. “But I turned out to like it.”

Evart is  scheduled to be at  at Lakeview (Jan. 13), at Sanford Meridian (Jan. 20), at Lakeview (Jan. 22) and at Reed City (Jan. 30). Evart will compete in team districts (Feb. 11) and individual districts (Feb. 13).