Evart runners show their talents in dual meet with Reed City

IN STRIDE: Grace Hamilton of Evart works on her pace.
IN STRIDE: Grace Hamilton of Evart works on her pace.

EVART – Evart and Reed City cross country runners survived the heat for a dual race on Thursday with Wildcat runners showing their stuff in impression fashion.

Reed City had four runners for the boys and three for the girls, but both were shy of the five athletes needed for a team score.

Logan Hammer was the runner to cross the line first and clocked a 16:47 for Evart. Teammates David Zinger and Max Hodges were second and third in 17:03 and 17:33.

Also for Evart, Zack Douglas was fifth in 19:07, Alex Newton seventh in 19:26, Santana Scott 10th in 21:07, Ryan Tuttle 11th in 22:28, Micah Wetters 12th in 23:30, Clint Retter 13th in 26:21, Gavin Chupp 14th in 26:51 and Gabe Mooney 15th in 27:17.

“It was really, really happy, “Hammer said. “I felt pretty strong. My overall goal is 15:55. If I reach it early, then I have to lower it.”

Reed City senior Chad Zagacki, out for cross country the first time, was fourth in 18;01. Drake Walker was sixth in 19:15, Matt McGahey eighth in 20:29 and Kris Kellogg ninth in 20:45.

“I wanted to stay in shape for track,” Zagacki said. “I ran pretty good. It was a little warm.”

Reed City coach Brad Smith said he’s hopeful of getting other runners out when schools starts on Tuesday.

Zagacki, “ran track in the spring and did pretty well there,” Smith said. “He’s been doing very well. Hopefully we’ll get more runners out so we’ll have a team.”

The Evart girls took the top three spots with Grace Hamilton first in 22:39, Mara VanOrder second in 23:39, and Clairese Clark third in 23:54.

Also for Evart, Taylor McLachlan was fifth in 25:56, Katie Parsons sixth in 27:18 and Stevie Duey eighth in 33:53.

“I’d say our team did really decent, it’s hot,” McLachlan said. “We all ran close to our normal times.”

“I’d say they did pretty good considering the heat,” said Evart coach Andy Eichelberger, referring to both teams. “For a lot of our kids, it was their first time running their home course since they’re new.”

For Reed City, McKenzie Cornelius was fourth in 25:22, Marie Kinsey seventh in 31:50 and Mariah Cowsert ninth in 40:47.