Evart runners keep busy with Tuesday event

EVART — Tuesday nights at Evart are a popular time for runners.

Cross country coach Kevin Mills is again conducting community runs during the summer every Tuesday.

It’s a volunteer summer exercise club that meets 7 p.m. in front of the Evart Elementary School.

“We have people from the community coming in,” Mills said. “I have my middle school and cross country runners coming in and we’ll just have a good time running together.”

Mills started the weekly runs the Tuesday before school let out around June 5. The official practice season starts on June 5. The final Tuesday will be Aug. 9, the day before practices start.

“On Aug. 10, which is a Wednesday, we head over to Eagle Village for cross camp,” Mills said.

When the summer sessions begin, the Wildcats have a prediction run.

“Then people do one to three miles and after that we’ll play a game like soccer or some kind of tag game,” Mills said.

The runs usually draw around 18 runners.

“We have a mom that will come and push her 3-year-old daughter in a cart,” Mills said. “I do my best to make it a community thing.”

Mills usually presents his runners with a summer plan and encourages them to stay active during the summer.