Evart runners getting ready for first day of practices

EVART — Evart cross country coach Kevin Mills made sure the most avid runners in the area had something to do over the summer.

The team and other runners have been meeting at the Evart Elementary School every Tuesday to do a prediction run then play multiple Frisbee.

“They pick a distance, guess how long it will take them to do it, and whoever is closest to their prediction wins a little friendly community competition,” Mills said. “Since school got out, we started doing it, every Tuesday. We usually get between 10 to 15. We have some parents that come, some siblings younger than middle school and some middle schoolers that come.”

Cross country practices officially begin Aug. 12, but Mills has seen plenty of value in the Tuesday runs.

“It makes it so they don’t forget about practicing during the summer,” Mills said. “It’s a community thing too. It’s important to get the community involved.”

The last night will be Tuesday. The next day opens the practice season.

Among the key returning runners is senior Micah Wetters, entering his fourth season of cross country.

“Typically (a major highlight is) cross camp, which is coming up here pretty soon, for a week we run together and have a lot of fun,” he said.

Wetters’ best time has been 17:48. He wants to get in the 16s this season.

“I’ll just put in a lot of work,” he said.

A broken hand and other activities prevented Wetters from putting more work into the offseason than he would have liked.

It will be four to six weeks before the hand completely heals, but Wetters anticipates being able to run.

The Wildcats hope to be Highland Conference contenders again.

“I’m going to guess this is going to be a really, really good year,” Wetters said.