Evart resident remains passionate about his fishing

EVART —  Sam Shaffer can never seem to get enough of the fishing season. He loves it.

That’s why Shaffer has enjoyed living in the Evart area. He’s been outside of the area in a move he made to help address some family-related health issues. But he still has a home in Evart and admits he doesn’t do as much fishing as he’d like. He first moved up to Evart when he got out of college and worked in the area for a couple of years. His wife’s grandparents started Pineview Homes and he worked there.

“I hunt but I like fishing better,” he said. “I’m more of a fisherman.”

Salmon fishing at Tippy Dam in Manistee County has been among Shaffer’s passons. He also enjoys going after smallmouth and steelhead.

“This past opening day of trout season I caught a 26-inch brown and 18-inch brown over in Reed City at the Hersey River,” he said. “I’ve got a secret spot over there.”

Shaffer especially focuses on summer and fall fishing.

“Now thatI’ve switched jobs I have summers off,” he said. “I’m looking forward to fishing.

“I never fished when I was a kid. I was into sports. When I moved to Michigan, Andy Duffy introduced me to trout fishing. I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved it.”

There’s other avid area fishermen that Shaffer has connected with to make his local fishing experience very enjoyable and unique.

Shaffer is a native of Pittsburgh and met his wife in college at Rochester, N.Y.

“She was a Michigan gal so that’s how I ended up in Michigan,” he said.

Shaffer’s hunting exploits deal mainly with deer although he has done some rabbit hunting in the past.

“I enjoyed it, but I’m a fisherman,” Shaffer said. “There’s tons of deer around here. I missed an 8-point with my son last year. I’m not as good of a hunter as I am a fisherman. It’s more relaxing for me.”

Eventually, Shaffer would like to take a trip to Alaska. But as long as it involves fishing, Shaffer enjoys virtually any trip anywhere.