EVART — Paul Derscheid enjoys his hunting and fishing and tries to find as much time to enjoy both outdoor sports as possible.

Derscheid has been the director of Pineview Homes in Evart for 27 years.

His family came in 1963 and his father was a minister in an area church. Derscheid’s parents started Pineview homes.

Paul was born in Ionia although he moved around as a youngster in various places, considering his dad was a minister.

As he’s gotten older, Derscheid has especially involved himself in the fishing aspect of the outdoors.

“I’ve had quite a bit of success with smallmouth fishing,” he said. “That beats sitting in a tree for a number of hours and with sometimes not having much success.”

Derscheid enjoys fishing the Muskegon River for smallmouth.

“I do fish in some lakes in the area, both for largemouth and panfish,” he said. “Smallmouth bass, I’ve been told, are pound-for-pound, the best fighters. We fish with ultralight rods and reels. There’s just something about hooking into one of those.

“My main fishing is smallmouth in the river. I do like fishing lakes for bluegills.”

Derscheid is looking forward to September and October


“I’ve caught them as late as Nov. 13 in the river,” Derscheid said.

When it comes to hunting, the bow season has in the past been a favorite for Derscheid. His smallmouth fishing love has cut into it heavily. He’s bagged some 8-pointers locally.

His schedule allows him to do more rifle hunting than bow nowadays.

“There’s a lot of deer,” Derscheid said, adding that the three-points on one side stipulation should result in “nice-sized bucks” in the future.

But nothing quite matches the “ the peacefulness of the river,” he said. “It’s close, that’s a big drawing card. It does have quite a bit of structure in it. I have fished the Manistee River. That’s a little deeper and swifter. I haven’t fished there too much.”