Evart receiver reflects on successful passing game

EVART — The Evart passing attack was at its best last Friday night in a 31-0 victory over Manton and the Wildcats would like to see that continue.

Quarterback Jacob Fortune completed 20 of 24 pass attempts for 318 yards and four touchdowns.

Hopkins, a senior tight end, had eight receptions for 235 yards and two TDs for the 3-0 Wildcats. It was a career high. He admitted that coming into the game, the players didn’t exactly anticipate having a huge passing night.

“Coach (Pat Craven) set up the plays, we were looking to see where the open routes would be and he called the plays,” he said. “Coach was watching to see what would be open.”

The Wildcats ran short routes from the line of scrimmage but were able to get the open spots and make the plays.

Hopkins said “confidence is the main thing” with Fortune. “He threw some great passes.”

Hopkins’ longest reception was 89 yards.

Also a defensive end, Fortune said the defense has been playing very well and shut down Manton.

“We’re reading everybody and making open field tackles,” he said.

Beal City is 3-0 and had scored more than 60 points twice and 48 points in the other game.

“They run a lot of boot passes,” he said.

Linebackers Robert Burge and Larry Van Buren are confident of a solid game against Beal City.

“We have to stop the run game,” Burge said. “We’re doing good.”

“We have to slow them down,” Van Buren said. “We’ve done good (defensively). We just need to play all four quarters.”