Evart puts in busy week of summer football

EVART — Evart’s football players endured some warm days to put in a week-long camp and a couple of passing scrimmages last week.

Coach Pat Craven on Friday said his team started at 4 p.m. that day.

“We did a two-hour team camp working on individual technique and skill, and then transitioned into a 7-on-7 with Farwell,” he said. “We did the same thing (Thursday) with Harrison.”

With a 7-on-7 passing scrimmage, “you basically want to make sure your defensive people are understanding what their reads are,” Craven said. “Offensively, it’s a lot more about route running and spacing and timing. I felt like we did some good things. We have to get better. I thought we threw the ball pretty well and caught the ball pretty well.”

The amount of passing the Wildcats will do this season depends on certain factors, Craven said.

“We’ll see what the other teams try to do to us,” Craven said. “That kind of is a year-in, year-out thing. I feel like our offensive scheme is pretty versatile and we can do many things. Obviously, we’d kind of like to win the line of scrimmage and run the ball well. If we have to throw it, we feel like we can throw it.”

The practice season begins Aug. 8.

“(This) week is our school-wide dead week,” Craven said. “Most schools go with the Fourth of July, but we went with this week because of the (Osceola County) fair. The following week is the preseason down time. All we can do is lift and condition.”

The tentative plan is for the annual midnight madness to kick of the season on Aug. 8.

Summer football practices are optional.

“I was pleased with the kids that were here,” Craven said. “Summertime stuff, because it’s not mandatory, we find out how much people want to improve and get better.”

Craven said coaches are able to see the dividends by those athletes that put in summer work.

“I don’t have to run any football things until the first day of practice,” he said. “Everything our coaches do in the summer is free. We do it because we want to put in the best program we can for the community.”