Evart principal, track coach takes part in ‘One Run For Boston’

EVART — Dennis Peacock’s spring break was going to be a busy one.

The Evart high school principal and boys track coach participated early Sunday morning for the One Run For Boston, which is a fund-raiser to support families affected in the bombings at last year’s Boston Marathon.

“Somebody organized this and there’s a relay that started in (Los Angeles) and it zig-zagged all across the country and they’re carrying a lighted baton, torch type of thing and it will end up in Boston the day of the Boston Marathon (April 21),” Peacock said. “You have to pay 50 bucks to take part. Then you ask for pledges. All the pledges go to support the families that were devastated from the bombs going off.”

Peacock and his wife, Kristi, went to Richmond, Ind., with other individuals from her work office in Lansing.

They got the baton after 12:40 a.m.Sunday morning. They were the only local couple participating.

“We’ll get it at the Ohio-Indiana line,” Peacock said prior to the event. “Then we’ll run 11 miles to Eaton, Ohio, and run it off to the next stage. It will be fun. There’s a chase vehicle that will be with us.”

Peacock verified on Sunday that his participation was completed as scheduled.

“The light on the baton wasn’t working so they’ll get it fixed,” he said.

Peacock and his wife have both been runners in the past.

“We can both run 11 miles,” he said. “It’s a great cause. This was something she saw online. I used to be a fairly serious runner and have coached and my kids run. We thought, ‘wow, what a great way to support a really good cause.’”

On his card promoting the race, Peacock writes: “I’m running because I have been a runner all my life. The opportunity to help others who were severely hurt while taking part in something that should have been just harmless fun is very appealing to me.”