Evart players survive heat at camp

Pat Craven
Pat Craven

EVART – Evart’s Ironman Camp the last weekend in June provided challenges for the participants.

It was warm all weekend, which started on Friday and ended on Saturday morning. Outdoor activity was on the practice field adjacent to the high school. Overnight accommodations were in the gym, but it obviously wasn’t the coolest place around.

“It went well,” Evart coach Pat Craven said. “We cut out a little early on Saturday. We had 42 kids at camp and were able to cover a lot of material and had a nice time. We had ninth through 12th graders here and a mixture of all of them.

“We went through some of our offensive concepts and looked at our base things out of those.”

One of the participants was a freshman, Gabe Bushroe, who said he participated in various drills but the most fun was the Madden video tournament the players participated in at the high school library.

“I went up almost into the finals,” he said.

“We had the Madden video game tournament and played a lot of basketball in the gym,” Craven said. “Not a lot of sleep.”

Last week was the mandated MHSAA dead week which means there will be no organized sports activity.

Evart hosted a 7-on-7 passing tournament with Harrison last Sunday and has one at Clare on July 17.