Evart players focus on weight-lifting

EVART — Evart football players have been spending time in the weight area during the summer in preparation for a challenging 2014 season.

Zach Parshall, who will be a junior, was also a participant last Thursday. He has also been in summer wrestling camps for Evart.

“So far, we’ve done weight-lifting which has consistently been (throughout the summer) and we had football camp at Eagle Village (in mid-July),” Parshall said. “We had about three sessions (at Eagle Village). We went over the basics.”

Passing activities and flag football were included.

“We did the Iron Cats competition where we did a series of workouts,” Parshall said. “One day would be strength, the next day would be speed and endurance.”

Practices start next Monday, only 2 1/2 weeks prior to the opener Aug. 28. That makes these sessions even more critical, Parshall noted. Jake Pattee is going to be a senior lineman on the football team.

“I’ve been to every one,” he said of the summer weight-lifting sessions, “roughly about 30. They’ll help us to start off easier and we won’t get as tired. We’ll be more explosive when we got off the line and when we block.”

Assistant coach Ken Ranjel was supervising last Thursday’s weight session. This week is an actual dead period.

“They might get together and lift outside of the coaches,” Ranjel said. “As far as players and coaches being out, this is the last one before dead week.”

The season kicks off Aug. 28 at home against White Cloud.