Evart players enjoy team’s 3-1 start

EVART -- Evart football players go after their fourth win this week and performers like junior running back and linebacker Derek Bowen and two-day linemen Alex Bengry are confident the Wildcats can continue to enjoy success on the gridiron.

Bowen has been playing as a linebacker for the Wildcats, who were 3-1 following Friday’s 55-0 win over Marion.

“The first quarter we came out like we should,” said Bowen, noting that the Wildcats actually struggled in the second quarter despite having a 21-0 halftime lead. “In the fourth quarter we (played) how we should.”

Bowen was moved up the last three varsity games a year ago.

“I’ve gotten a lot stronger and faster,” he said. “Coaches have taught me what I need to do.”

Bowen’s role is to either make a play or assist a teammate in getting the job done defensively.

“We’re playing great,” he said. “We’re getting together and being a team rather than just solo stuff. We just need to work hard at practice. Our scout teams need to get our first team offense and defense a great run.”

Evart plays at Pine River Friday with the winner getting the Armed Services Trophy.

“The Pine River game is always important. We want to keep that trophy as long as we can,” Bowen said.

Bengry has been fighting an ankle injury while working for positions on offense and defense.

“We didn’t stay disciplined in the second quarter and that’s what we need to do,” Bengry said, “When you’re disciplined you can put the pedal to the metal; when you’re not, it sets you back.”

Bengry’s role is a pulling guard.

”I had to hit the trap man and force him out of that gap and open the gap for our running backs,” Bengry said, adding that as a defensive end, “I have to fill my gap and pursue to the football.”

The offense has proven itself to be explosive, Bengry noted.

“We get off the ball pretty quick, we have running backs who get a lot of yards after contact and a good balanced line,” Bengry said. “For many years we’ve been a power up the middle smash-mouth team. This year, I feel we have some more specialties.”

The defense has also had a strong start.

“We come off that ball like a truck,” Bengry said. “We hold those guys right there. Everyone has their duty.”

Pine River “is a strong home team,” Bengry said. “If we keep it down and keep it rolling, we’re good.”