Evart player high on team’s prospects

BALDWIN — When her Evart girls basketball team opened the regular season with a win over Farwell recently, senior Tabby Turley knows exactly what it felt like.

“It’s a great feeling,” she smiled.

The Wildcats struggled through a winless season a year ago but appear ready to have plenty of success this season.

Against Farwell, the Wildcats were able to turn things around in the middle of the game.

“In the fourth quarter, Kristin (Kullman) hit some threes and that kind of got up our spirits,” Turley said. “We’ve been playing a lot this summer. We know each other a little more and have a good feeling of who will do what.”

It’s a factor that paid off in the win over Farwell.

“We had a few plays with Mara (VanOrder) and Kristin and they both knew what they were going to do,” Turley said. “It was up to the rest of us.”

Turley realizes that protecting the ball and cutting down on turnovers will be a key for Evart’s success.

“We had a few turnovers that should not have happened,” Turley said. “But it’s our first game.”

The Wildcats also hope to avoid foul trouble. They had two players foul out against Farwell.

“It’s a good thing we played aggressive and fouled out, but it was some of our better players and we could have used them,” Turley said. “We have enough players to where we can finish off a game if someone fouls out.”

Turley smiled while reminiscing how teammate Kullman scored 27 points.

“She’s a great basketball player,” Turley said. “Her shot has become amazing in the last couple of years.”

It was only one win, but a big one, Turley agreed, in giving her team confidence for the future.

“Talking, communicating, just moving the ball and pushing it,” will be keys for the Wildcats in each game, she added.