Evart pitcher looking forward to future seasons

Ava Retlewski would have been in her sophomore season as an Evart pitcher. (Herald Review file photo)

Ava Retlewski would have been in her sophomore season as an Evart pitcher. (Herald Review file photo)

EVART -- Ava Retlewski as among several Evart softball players cited by coach Amanda Brown for putting in a lot of offseason work to get ready for 2020.

Even though there won't be a season because of the conoravirus crisis, Retlewski is confident all the hard work she put in will pay off significantly.

"Right after school or sometimes during basketball games, we would go up to the weight room and pitch or we would do batting practice," she said.

Retlewski, a sophomore, had a week of practice with the Wildcats when she and her teammates found out the season was suspended. Three weeks later came word the MHSAA was canceling the season.

"I was sad," Retlewski said. "I love softball. I felt really bad for the seniors. They missed out on their final year. I was shocked."

Evart didn't have enough players for two teams last season and Retlewski played on the varsity.

"We had a pretty decent season," Retlewski said. "We had some losses and we had some wins. It wasn't awful. It was pretty good."

There were three pitchers last season and Retlewski usally got to the pitch the second game. She would play outfield at times in the first game.

There will be a JV Evart softball team this season, and Retlewski said he may have been set with the junior varsity for the No. 1 pitcher.

Retlewski has been a pitcher since the sixth grade.

"It was my decision," she said. "I started out catching and I loved it, but then I had bad knee problems, and I decided to be a pitcher and ever since I started pitching, I loved it."

She said her best pitch, "at the moment," is a fastball. Her second best pitch is a changeup.

Coming into this year, "I was going to try working on my rise and my drop with (coach) Amanda (Brown)," Retlewski said. "We were only able to get through the drop. So now I'll have to learn how to do the rise on my own."

Retlewski would play right or left field if she's not pitching.

"I'm pretty good with my throwing and catching," she said. "I'm a little on the slower side but I can get to the ball. When I do, I can catch it."

Retlewski said she can usually hit it to the outfield in between the gaps."

With no spring sports, she's getting ready for 2021. Retlewski is working on her game and lives out in the country, and has been running on the dirt road. She is also in the volleyball program.

"We waiting to see what we can do," Retlewski said. "Knowing Amanda, if she's allowed to so, we're going to do some things."