Evart pastor continues to be avid hunter

Mark Bullock
Mark Bullock

EVART — Mark Bullock has been the pastor at Free Methodist Church of Evart for five years.

That’s also been enough time for Bullock to appreciate the outdoor activities that are available in the area.

He had previously been at Boyne City as a pastor. He’s been a pastor for 26 years and calls Boyne City home.

“My dad is a pastor too so we moved around some,” Bullock said.

Deer hunting is among Bullock’s passions, although he has also enjoyed going out with another avid area hunter, Andy Duffy, for rabbit hunting.

“When I do get out with Andy and do the rabbit hunting, that’s a blast to hear his dogs going,” Bullock said. “The snow got so deep. I went out with him in December. Already the snow was deep then.”

When it’s deer hunting season, Bullock likes to test his skills in the area. Last season, he bagged one doe. The biggest buck he’s shot in Michigan has been an eight-pointer. He’s hunted in Colorado a few times.

Bullock has been a deer hunter since age 14 and got interested through his family.

“It’s been, at least where we hunt, really good,” he said. “We saw a lot of bucks this year. I didn’t see any that we big enough. But I saw more bucks this year than any other year, probably because we weren’t shooting any smaller ones.”

His wife, Cindy, is also a hunter.

“She’s hunted with me pretty much since we got married,” he said. “I’ve got a crossbow now so I’ve been out doing that some. I haven’t had much luck at all. But that’s a great time of year to be out in the woods. We enjoy the muzzleloading season too. That’s where I got my best buck, with the muzzleloader.”

Bullock hunts frequently with family members, all in this general area.

“I get out for partridge a little,” he said.

Bullock has certain dream trips he’d eventually like to make.

“Almost anything in Alaska I’d love to go and see the territory,” Bullock said. “Something like moose hunting would be awesome.”

He’s done some river fishing and usually likes going for panfish or pike, when he’s involved.

Bullock enjoys this area for hunting.

“There’s enough state land around that you can get out,” he said, “and do some walking and don’t have to worry about it. I enjoy the camaraderie. Most times, there will be someone from the next family there in the next blind. That’s what makes it really fun when you get the family together. It’s also fun to see what you can get, too.”