Evart outdoorsman loves hunting, fishing, trapping scene


EVART — Fishing, hunting and trapping.

You name it, Steve George loves it.

The Evart outdoorsman is active in all three areas

George is child care supervisor at Pineview Homes in Evart. He’s worked there about 25 years.

George is originally from upstate New York.

“My brother was on the board of Pineview,” George said.

The founder of Pineview homes, Lowell Drenched eventually offered George a position at Pineview.

“I had been working at a wheelcover factory,” George said. “We made after market wheel covers. That was shutting down when they called me. I was 21 years old at the time. I had thoughts of going into this type of work even before that. I didn’t think of Pineview.”

George is an avid bow hunter and also rifle hunts.

“I’d rather bow hunt anyday,” he smiled. “It’s a quieter setting. I hunt a lot out back here on Pineview’s property. I hunt state land, I like to get out and move around.”

The bow season opener is less than two months away.

“I haven’t had a lot of chance to get out and scout,” he said. “I have seen a lot of deer out in our gardens. I have seen one decent rack.”

George said the biggest rack is a 7-point that he’s shot in his area about seven years ago with 14 1/2-inch spread.

“That’s a pretty good sized deer for around here. “I did take a trip out west, on a trip to Wyoming,” he said. “I don’t do a lot of those types of trips. I might be tempted to go to Illinois once in awhile.”

On fishing, George remembers going to the Manistee River. “All six of us had our limit of five salmon apiece,” he said. “That’s kind of neat. I’m content just to go fishing. I like to do it for the solitude sometimes.”

George predicted a solid salmon season.

“I went up last week at Lake Manistee and the fish were jumping everywhere,” he said. “Every fish looked like it was extremely large compared to last year. I didn’t hook a fish but had a good time. I went back Monday night and caught a big female. When I got home, it was 24 pounds.”

He’s also an avid ice


“Last year, we went up to the U.P. to Little Bay deNoc. We ice fished for perch and didn’t hardly catch anything, perch and walleye, it was a bad time” he said. “Later, we fished out of a boat for perch and slayed them, three of us guys. I think we caught over 800 fish.”

Locally, “I’ll take the guys on Chippewa, sometimes Big Lake or 8-point Lake,” George said.

When it comes to trapping, George sets snares for coyotes.

“I get lucky once in a while,” he smiled while acknowledging there’s many coyotes around. “My dad was a hunter safety instructor and when the trapper instructor came in the same time, that’s where I took off,” George said. “I trapped skunks as a kid, for a living.”

George’s family was big into hunting and fishing.

“Our family was raised on venison,” he said. “I had nine brothers and sisters.”

But from a hunter and fisherman’s standpoint, he’s happy to be in Michigan.

“Michigan and outdoors is synonymous,” he said. “I felt right at home. I definitely missed the New York mountains. But the streams and stuff kind of makes up for that. It’s a good changeoff.”

George eventually hopes to do a bear hunt in the Upper Peninsula. But wherever it is, George simply enjoys the


“I work hard and like to get out. Whether I catch or see anything, it doesn’t bother me,” he said. “I know I’ll catch up to it eventually.”