Evart opens volleyball season under new coach

EVART — Evart’s new volleyball coach Katie Nostrant is looking at building a program.

Key returning players include seniors Allyssa Witbeck (outside hitter/setter), Mikayla Wallace (middle hitter), Loraine Foster (rightside hitter) and Ashley Hopkins (outside hitter).

Returning to the varsity as juniors are Danielle Conklin and Danielle Beasley. 

“Everybody else is new to this team,” Nostrant said.

Another senior is Kamryn Struble. Other players include junior Megan Myers, sophomore Sierra Barnett and freshmen McKenzie Kimball and Felicia Nelson.

An Ethiopia exchange student, Meron Kebebe, has joined the team. Two other girls are expected to join the squad later.

“We’re going to have some numbers this year,” Nostrant said. “We’re very excited. We have to get experience. We have to learn a new offense and defense and serve receive.”

Nostrant joined the team as coach shortly before practices opened Aug. 12. Evart opened Friday at Coleman in a quad and were 0-3.

“We only had two full days of having the full team (at practices) but they played well,” Nostrant said. “Allyssa Witbeck will be a key leader for us.”

The Wildcats lost 25-6, 25-14 to Tawas, 25-7, 25-11 to Coleman and 25-8, 25-20 to Clare.

“We’re going to focus on back to basics,” Nostrant said. “We’ll focus on techniques in passing, techniques in setting and techniques in hitting. We’ll work on team unity.”