Evart man shoots 15-point buck

Evart's David Hahn shoots 15-point buck.
Evart's David Hahn shoots 15-point buck.

EVART —  David Hahn has usually made the habit of passing up younger bucks for more mature ones during the rifle hunting season.

It paid off handsomely this season for the 71-year-old hunter from the Evart area.

Hahn was hunting around Chippewa Lake late afternoon on Nov. 20 when he shot a 15-point buck with 19-inch rack span. He said he used three shots from his .270 Weatherby to get the job done. He was hunting on his farm.

Hahn has hunted for many years and this was his biggest deer.

“I had heard abut some big bucks being in the area but I hadn’t specifically seen anything,” he said. “I was sitting in a blind and I first saw him across the swamp, just his head and his horns. I thought he laid down. I kept watching that spot. A half-hour later, he came out on the edge of the fields and I shot him.

“I didn’t know he was that big. He was bigger than any I shot. I didn’t realize what I had until I got here.”

It was a 180-yard shot.

“He hit the ground,” Hahn said. “He tried to get up and I shot him again.”

His previous best buck was an 8-pointer with a 19-inch spread.

“That was a pretty good one, but this one was a lot better,” Hahn said.

“I’ve been out hunting. I enjoyed going out. I’m going to go muzzleloader hunting. It just extends the season a little. I hadn’t shot a whitetail buck in perhaps 20 years. I’ve been trying to let them grow. I didn’t shoot them unless I want to do some taxidermy on them.”