Evart man appreciates chances for local hunting and fishing


EVART  —  Patrick Muczynski loves his fishing and hunting. That’s why this is his favorite time of year.

He’s lived in Evart a little more than six years. He’s the lead wastewater operator in Evart for the city. He’s been in the area seven years.

“I’ve been coming up here my whole life,” he said. “My family had a cottage on the river here. I’ve been coming up here as long as I can remember.”

Muczynski is originally from Madison Heights.

“I always wanted to be up here,” he said. “I drive 2 1/2 hours get here on the weekend to hunt and fish. I figured instead of making the long drive, I’ll try to find something up here. My dad retired from Ford Motor Co. in 2000 and was up here full-time. In 2007, he was looking in the newspaper and they had a DPW labor position.”

He put in his application, was hired and continues to love working in the area, along with hunting and fishing.

When it comes to fishing, Muczynski enjoys various lakes. Smallmouth bass is among his potential targets.

While he enjoys various lakes, “I’ll predominately like the river,” Muczynski said.

Deer hunting is also on Muczynski’s plate.

“I’m more bow, but I go out for the rifle season,” he said. “I predominately bow hunt. They’re starting to get more active. The days are shortening and the bucks are moving pretty good. I haven’t gotten one yet but I’ve been seeing quite a few deer. The deer movement the last week has gotten a lot better.”

His biggest buck in this area has been an 8-pointer.

“With the mild winter we had last year, and we’ve finally got apple trees this year and have a good apple production, and food was available all summer and spring, I think it’s going to be a good year,” Muczynski said. “I’ve been seeing a lot of deer, good numbers. They look healthy this year so far. The numbers are up and the hunting numbers should be up.”

Muczynski is an avid small-game and squirrel hunter.

“I haven’t done much bird hunting lately,” he said. “I’ll turkey hunt in the spring. Usually I put in for the May hunt. It’s more to get in the woods. I’m not out there to get crazy about the squirrels, rabbits or anything. It’s just another excuse to get into the woods.

“The rabbit numbers have been up pretty good. There’s always a lot of squirrels.”

Muczynski said he usually stays in the state for hunting and fishing.

He’s a former fishing guide in Wyoming. But he’s happy where he’s at.

“Me, my dad and grandpa spent a lot of time here as i was growing up,” Muczynski said. “It’s the place where I wanted to be. I got lucky stumbling on this job here.”