Evart junior going from volleyball to basketball

EVART  — Tabby Turley is among the Evart female athletes who face a transitional challenge of going from one sport to another.

The Wildcats finished their season last week in a 3-0 loss to Beaverton in the Class C district. Turley is also a basketball player and the girls practice season started this week.

Beaverton improved to 30-13 with its win over Evart.

“They were pretty good,” Turley said. “We didn’t know what to expect seeing how we never played them before.”

Serve receiving was a tough area for the Wildcats.

“Our passes weren’t the best. If we had better passes we could have (done better),” Turley said.

Turley will remember for a long time her team’s performance in the Highland Conference tournament at McBain. The Wildcats defeated Manton and had a strong game in a loss to state power Beal City.

The Wildcats didn’t win a match last year in Turley’s first season on the varsity. They won six this year.

“It was a great season,” Turley said. “We improved so much in hitting and everything, in our communication.”

Turley was Evart’s setter.

“I did a lot of improvement” she said. “I hadn’t set in a while and it felt good.”

Turley acknowledged that going from one sport to another so quickly will be a challenging transition, especially with basketball involving more running than volleyball.