Evart hunter excited now that hunting season is continuing


EVART — Rick Aube loves this time of year especially when it comes to hunting deer and rabbits.

He’s been in the Evart area since 1990. He previously spent time in Big Rapids and also Texas. He’s a native of Alpena.

Aube is an equipment operator at the city of Evart and has worked there for 22 years.

When it comes to hunting, rabbits and deer draw Aube’s attention and sometimes so do turkeys, mainly with rifles although he does some bow hunting.

Small game hunting and bow season have both started.

Aube is anticipating a fun rabbit season.

“I think it’s going to be a good year,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of little rabbits. I do a little bit of partridge hunting.”

“You should tell him you’re addicted to rabbit hunting and get it over with,” laughed Aube’s hunting friend, Hal Hutchinson of Evart.

Aube runs his dogs more than he shoot the rabbits. He has 12 dogs on his property, all beagles.

“I like to watch and listen to the dogs,” he said. “I started (with dogs) 10 to 12 years ago. I had dogs as a teenager. I got into it when my kids all graduated from school. It was something else to do. I have everything from 10 year old (beagles) to one year old.”

He enjoys watching them grow.

“The older they get the smarter they get, the better they get,” Aube said.

He doesn’t run dogs after Oct. 1 so he can avoid a conflict with the bow season.

“I haven’t looked around a whole lot,” he said. “I’ve seen a few bucks here and there.”

Aube shot a buck last season while hunting west of his property.

“I see a few every now and then,”  he said. “I see a few turkeys around here. There’s getting to be a few more. I usually go up to Alpena and do a little turkey hunting up there where my dad and brothers still live.”

Rifle season has ended for deer hunting but bow season continues and muzzle loading is coming up.

Rabbit hunting remains a favorite Aube passion rain or shine.

“The weather doesn’t matter,” he said. “If it’s sub, sub weather I don’t go out. The snow’s nice but I don’t mind hunting this time of year. You don’t see as much, but it’s enjoyable to hear the dogs.”

Aube especially likes being a sportsman in the Osceola County area.

“This is a nice area,” he said. “I like it because it’s centrally located for where you want to go.”

“And it’s good for every sport, fishing, hunting, camping and biking,” Hutchinson said. “Anything you want, we’ve got it.”