Evart hosts cross country invitational on Saturday

EVART — Evart’s cross country team will be hosting an invitational Saturday at Spring Hill Camp. Reed City and Pine River will be among the visiting teams.

Manton, Bear Lake, Hesperia, Kingsley and Roscommon are among the other teams that will be competing.

The girls race will be at 10 a.m., followed by the boys at 10:45 a.m. and the middle school race at 11:30 a.m.

On Saturday, the Evart boys were second among 10 teams in the Silver Division of the Sparta Invitational.

Grand Rapids Covenant was first at 36, Evart second (47) and Saranac third (88).

“The team we ran against ran better that day,” Evart coach Kevin Mills said. “I’m excited with how hard the while team is working.”

For Evart, Santana Scott was first (16:43.28), Josh Woods fifth (17:20.79), Nathan Woods seventh (17.37.79), Austin Hamilton 17th (18:32.98), Andrew Bengry 21st (18:48.35), Micah Wetters 25th (19:05.95) and Nick Niles 44th (21:03.45).

“Andrew Bengry, a senior, keeps getting personal bests,” Mills said. “He’s stepping up.”

For the girls, Evart took fifth among 10 teams at 115. For the Wildcats, Mara VanOrder was 13th (22:42.93), Sarah Nelson 15th (22:48.02) Clairese Clark 19th (23:15.10), Brooke Belleville 25th (23;45.52) and Arianna Mooney 45th (25:11.39).

“I was elated by performances of the girls,” Mills said.  They’re all improving.”

Both Evart teams won three-team meets at Beaverton on Sept. 15. Evart had 19 for the boys while Beaverton had 51 and Roscommon 63. Evart had 19 for the girls, also, while Roscommon had 38 and Beaverton 71.

Evart took nine of the top 13 spots for the boys. Josh Woods was first (18:15), Scott second (18:29), Nathan Woods third (18:36), Austin Hamilton sixth (19:12.85), Micah Wetters seventh (19:49), Bengry ninth (20:39.0), Niles 11th (21:28), Alex Hamilton 12th (22:03) and Jacob Quist 13th (22:11.0).

For the girls, Evart took five of the top eight spots. Nelson was first (23:25), Clark second (23:30), VanOrder third (24:31), Belleville fifth and Mooney eighth (27:14).