Evart girls ready to pick up some wins


EVART — Shayna Rushing and Taylor Martin are two Evart softball players hoping to help the Wildcats have a competitive spring season.

Rushing is a junior catcher for the Wildcats who hope to open their season Wednesday at home against Buckley.

She’s making her varsity debut. The team didn’t get outside until Friday.

“It’s actually really hard to practice inside,” Rushing said. “I’ve caught for six years. Actually, I didn’t want to do it at first. But I figured out that I liked it.”

Rushing said she’s been working on her hitting as much as possible to get her average up.

Tracy Gray is the new Evart coach.

“I actually think we’re going to do pretty well this year,” Rushing said. “We’re coming together as a team more than


Martin is a junior but played varsity softball last season.

“I didn’t get to play a lot but the older members taught me a lot,” Martin said.

She played outfield last year and is looking to pitch and play second base.

“I pitched a little bit my freshman year,” she said. “I’m working on strikes right now. Maybe later in the season I’ll work one changeups and stuff.”

At second base Martin wants to stay focused. “The outfield can get boring,” she said.

Martin and other players did some work in the winter with Gray.

Playing inside prohibits players from focusing on outfield work, Martin noted. “It’s something we have to work at and work harder.”

Martin is confident in her hitting but said she’ll need to be relaxed.

“I think we have good potential,” she said.  “We have newer players.”

Gray said the team had three voluntary practices during break. Friday was the first time they went outside.

“We had eight girls show up about every practice,” she said.