Evart girls ready for softball season

EVART — Jeff Bressler has taken over as softball coach at Evart this season.

Last week was the first full week of practice. The Wildcats have had around 20 players last week with efforts to have more come out. It’s his first year as a high school coach.

There are eight returning varsity players this season.

Returning players include junior pitcher Samantha Bressler, Shayna Rushing at catcher, Taylor Rushing in right field, Kendra Foster at third base, Taylor Martin in right field, Megan Green and Jaylee Hawkins at outfield and Sabrina McKay at shortstop.

The first game on the schedule was for today, March 19, weather-permitting. If that game isn’t played, the first game would be March 25. All other games will be after spring break.

Samantha Bressler is set for another season as Evart’s pitcher. It’s her second varsity season. She improved from her sophomore year, Bressler indicated, especially when it came to throwing the ball faster. She’s working on her fielding at pitcher and also in the outfield when she’s not on the mound.

At times during the offseason, Bressler worked on her pitching.

“I took three months off, ever since then it was once a week (of workouts),” Bressler said, adding that the time off enabled her to relax before working to get back into the pitching frame of mind.

The Evart hurler has been focusing on an assortment of pitches. Her fast ball is probably her No. 1 weapon, followed by the change-up. Bressler is confident with her control.

As for her hitting, “I’m working on it,” Bressler said. “I’m trying to get better.”

The Wildcats may not get outdoors for while but Bressler is confident she can get in enough indoor work to get ready for the season.

She’s ready to test the teams in the Highland Conference, but said her pitching strategy “changes,” depending on the situation. “I know hitters.”

The Wildcats are expected to be more experienced this year, especially defensively, Bressler added.