Evart front row player confident team will continue to improve


EVART — Sabrina McKay is hopeful that the Evart volleyball team will continue to show improvement as the team goes forward in the second half of the season.

McKay plays left all-around.

“This is my first year playing front row,” she said. “My passing is pretty good.”

Her main role in passing has been trying to get the ball to the setter, Tabby Turley.

“I have improved a lot,” McKay said. “Communication, in my point of view, I think I’ve been OK. My hitting has improved a lot.”

The team has picked up some wins this season.

“We have improved a lot to where we communicate a lot and we talk to each other,” McKay said. “We don’t get too down on each other and we help each other out without getting too (frustrated). I hope we win more and bond a lot more as a team.”

The key is each game is “communication and moving our feet,” McKay added.